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TomTom Launch Runner and Multisport Watches

By Dave Jenkins,

As previewed by Latest Gadgets in April, TomTom have finally launched their exciting Runner and Multi-Sport wrist-pieces. Boasting a GPS pedigree that’s second to none, and a tried and tested track record (literally) powering Nike’s Sportswatches, TomTom have clearly done… Read article


Top 5 Running Gadgets

By Dave Jenkins,

It’s that time of year again. The sun is beginning to shine, the days are getting longer and everyone is proudly plastering social media channels with details on precisely how many miles they’ve run. But wait; there’s plenty more potential… Read article


Road test: TomTom Via 135 voice controlled sat-nav

By Geoff Bowen,

After years of being told what to do by our sat-navs, it’s time to talk back. The new TomTom Via 135 comes with ‘Speak & Go’ functionality. This enables you to control the device with your voice and also the… Read article


Tom Tom and Renault launch electric car navigation

By Andy Mossack,

At last someone has seen the light and for once produced something entirely useful for the electric car; and that someone is Tom Tom. Not content with dominating the navigation market the navigation superhero has turned its attention to the… Read article


TomTom Start 20: TomTom goes easy on first time users

By Andy Mossack,

No one can accuse any reader of latest gadgets to be anything other than comfortable with new technology. But there are, believe it or not, people out there who get sweaty just thinking about it. The mere whisper of wireless… Read article


Nike+ SportWatch GPS Powered by TomTom review

By Shem Pennant,

For the second time this year, a PR company contacted me and said “fancy loosing some weight? Try this out!” I’d be outraged but both times there was a doughnut to my immediate left, waiting to be eaten. The first… Read article


Tom Tom takes multi tasking to a faster level

By Andy Mossack,

Not content with taking the sat nav world by the scruff of the neck and shaking it until all the completion falls away, Tom Tom is seemingly making itself almost indispensible to other hardware manufacturers too. Tom Tom has long… Read article


Nike+ SportWatch GPS: Keeping you on track?

By Andy Mossack,

Nike has teamed up with TomTom, one of the world leaders in GPS mapping systems, to provide runners with the ideal digital performance coach. There are specific runner watches already on the market, Polar for instance, has been in exercise… Read article


TomTom and NIKE team up to motivate runners

By Naomi Mackay,

If this is the year you plan to run a marathon (or indeed run around the block in a bid to get fit), here’s a gadget designed to make the experience a bit more interesting. Sports legend Nike has teamed… Read article