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SoundBlaster Roar: Redefining “all-in-one”

The Creative Sound Blaster was the soundcard of choice, back in the day when people still bought soundcards. However, as the previous sentence indicates, times have changed quite significantly, and…


Foxl Portable Hifi Speaker: Portable sound that goes to 11

The early pioneering days of portable hi fi are like golden sunsets for me. A romantic notion it has to be said, but after a few minutes you want to…


Logitech UE Speaker: Wireless music streaming

Logitech have announced the release of their new UE Air Speaker system, which incorporates Apple’s AirPlay technology, allowing your music to be streamed wirelessly from a whole variety of Apple…


Bluetooth Robot Sound Box: This is the droid you are looking for

It’s a truth universally acknowledged by everyone who’s ever turned an amp all the way up to 11 – music sounds great loud. PMPs and smartphones of all shapes and…