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5 Christmas apps to help the festive season go smoothly

By Gabrielle Pickard,

It’s less than a month now and we can’t help feel a glimmer of excitement that Christmas is on its way. Each year we say to ourselves, “I’m going to start planning Christmas earlier this year,” but before we know… Read article


The Exciting World Of No Cost Electronica

By Jack Oughton,

These days, if you’ve got a PC or a Mac, a little hard disk space and an internet connection you’ve already got everything you need to produce music. No, you don’t need to buy any more hardware and you don’t… Read article


A KALQ-ulated Gamble: the KALQ Keyboard

By Neil Cumins,

Despite its intentionally obtuse layout, the QWERTY keyboard has been a part of our lives since it debuted on a typewriter in the 1880s. However, the increasingly thumb-driven nature of smartphone and tablet typing has revealed previously unseen flaws in… Read article


The Changing Face of Software

By Hannah Braime,

The days of floppy disks and CD-ROMS are well an truly over. Not only can we download most of our software online now, but the growth of the open-source market means we can usually find free alternatives to popular tools…. Read article


PowerDVD 12 Ultra: CyberLink goes mobile

By Jack Ratcliffe,

It’s all about mobile nowadays, and even PowerDVD is in on the act. The multi-purpose media playback software is now in its 12 iteration, boasting two killer mobile features: PowerDVD Mobile and PowerDVD Remote. The PowerDVD Mobile app lets users… Read article


myTwonky and Twonky Video for Android

By Dominic Smith,

PacketVideo announced recently the release of myTwonky (beta) and Twonky Video for Android. These free products provide the user with easy access to an existing library of music, photos and videos, as well as new content from the Web, whenever… Read article