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Logitech TV Cam HD: Make your very own video wall

Whether you’re a fan of Skype or you’ve always dreamed of taking your telephone calls over a live-vision video wall, the new Logitech TV Cam HD could be just the…


I’m with the band – happy birthday from Skype

Here’s how to be your mate’s new BFF – sign up to Skype’s newest service and wish them the best birthday ever with a bit of help from bands including…


FREETALK Connect•Me Home Phone Adapter

It’s good to talk. And it’s great to talk for free. However the magic of VoIP (which lest we forget, has been with us for many many years now) still…


The Moshi Moshi 05 mobile handset. Now you’re talking!

Since when did handsets go designer? In age when traditional telephone handsets are looked upon with scorn by the wearers of small sleek earphones with mikes; (you know the sort;…


Logitech C510 HD webcam review

Video calling is one of those “futuristic” technologies that seemed to have snuck into modern life and passed by without much hoo-hah. Despite its obvious advantages – with so much…


Dell XPS laptop range: 3D, HD and Skype enabled machines

Reading through Dell’s new XPS laptops press release, although one is impressed with the promise of High Definition NVIDIA graphics and the ability to watch “eye-popping” 3D games, movies and…


TWIG: Wiki AudioVibe, Plextor PX0B120U 3D USB drive and Skype/Facebook love-in

The week in gadgets. Ever been caught short without a boombox? I know you have. What you need is AudioVibe, a portable widget that allows you to produce sound, utilising…


Beauty is in the eye of the ZTE-holder: The new ZTE F930

Fancy a mobile phone that will enable you to access your mail, Facebook and Twitter accounts but don’t feel like dropping hundreds of pounds of waiting hours and hours in…


HD video calling comes to Skype

Skype is my Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) client of choice. Relatively stable with cross platform support, solid audio calling options and a less garish take on Instant Messaging (IM)…