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Canon’s Latest Camcorders: Standing Out to be Outstanding

With even the cheapest compact cameras, digital SLRs and more recently wearable devices like the GoPro possessing high quality video recording potential, you may think the market for camcorders has…


Tascam iM2 review: CD quality recording comes to the iPhone

One of the best things about iPhones and by extension all smartphones, is the amount of amazing things they put in your pocket. The humble mobile phone was transformed into…


iRig Mic review

Every other weeks comes a new app or accessory that helps the iPad scream “I’m a real boy.” From Pages at launch, to Garageband a year on there are a…


Swann DVR4-2000: Unwired for sound and vision

Back in September, we took a look at Swann’s DVR4-2000 security recording system, which offered a well-priced pair of security cameras, but was missing the wireless connectivity of its rival…


Blue Mikey iPod microphone review

Looking to take your iPod audio recording to the next level? Yes? Good thing I asked. The Blue Mikey is a portable microphone and recorder for the iPod and iPod…


Olympus LS-5 Linear PCM digital recorder: Mobile mini sound studio

Listen up journalists, musicians and podcasters! Olympus is launching a new digital recorder this month, which it claims allows you to record and edit your work while you’re on the…