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LG Pocket Photo: All the News that’s Fit to Print

By Nick Peers,

Until fairly recently, domestic printers were bulky and cumbersome devices that were hardly renowned for their portability. By contrast, the brand new LG Pocket Photo is small enough to slip into a coat pocket, resembling an external hard drive rather… Read article


Seagate Wireless Plus: Hard drives built for the road

By Shem Pennant,

In the materialistic world of gadgets it’s important to remember that you can’t take it with you when you go. The world of portable storage however, begs to differ and Seagate’s new Wireless Plus mobile storage device even wants to… Read article


Sony NEX-F3: Your flexible friend

By Naomi Mackay,

Sony’s new compact snapper, the NEX-F3 has a lot of live up to. Its predecessor is the NEX-C3, which received some rave reviews from those in the know. So can the NEX-F3 offer anything more? Well, first and most obvious… Read article


Planon Scanstik: An office in your pocket

By Mark Pilkington,

It may be the size of a pen, but the Planon Scanstik, is capable of scanning a full page in colour just as any regular full-sized flatbed scanner would. But this one you can fit it in your pocket. Yes… Read article


Plextor PX-B12OU: 3D movies when you’re on the move

By Naomi Mackay,

3D films are definitely the next big thing and if you have a 3D-compatible display, but nothing to play them on this could be the solution. The plug-and-play Plextor PX-B120OU is a portable Blu-ray player that comes in at around… Read article


Acer C20 pico projector

By David Hillier,

The first thing you are going to notice about the C20 is that it looks cool. More like a just-released smartphone, it well and truly banishes not-so-fond memories of the grey monstrosities that used to blight your school classrooms. The… Read article


3M MP160 and MP180: Wireless pocket project-awe

By David Hillier,

I’m not going to lie to you: I am no entrepreneur. I am also not a businessman, a salesman, team leader, or one of those people that comes into your office twice a year in a vain attempt to make… Read article