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Speck A-Line 10 bag: Lugging your laptop in style

Laptop bags of yore were grim, ugly things that screamed “mug-me” from miles away. The modern day equivalent of the business case, there was something solemn about the classic laptop…


Scosche, Incipio and be.ez are on the case

Electrical devices are expensive. Therefore scratching them is annoying, and breaking them? Devastating. That’s where cases come in. Hundreds of products, thousands of brands, millions of styles – it’s a…


Toshiba Mini NB500 and NB520

The iPad killed the netbook. The useless, low-resolution, under-batteried and dramatically under-powered old-school netbook. No-one told Toshiba, however, that the iPad had won, or that netbooks had to be useless….


Asus Eee PC 1015PEM and 1018P: Asus speeds up the netbook experience

Netbooks are getting better all the time – and the latest to show it’s set to compete with the big boys is Asus, which has just launched its latest generation…

Acer’s HD revolution

Acer launched its summer computer range in Cannes, the home of emerging cinema and what better venue could there be to introduce Acer’s new systems, focussed on powerful visuals and…

Samsung reveal “Long Term Evolution” (LTE) Netbook

Earlier this month at the Mobile World Congress 2010, Samsung wowed the tech world by unveiling its Long Term Evolution (LTE) netbook PC. What places the N150 netbook at the…

Samsung release new ‘clever’ N-Series netbooks

We’d all like to think laptops and netbooks give us the freedom to productively work away cable free on lengthy flights or in trendy cafes but in reality it’s not…