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LG G Flex 2 – there’s no beauty without curves

“Same is not sexy”. This is the rather bold statement LG is going with to describe its intriguingly shaped Flex 2. We’re not sure how true this is in the…


LG bring World’s first curved 4K OLED TV to the UK

LG Electronics have announced the forthcoming arrival of what they’re calling the “World’s First Curved ULTRA HD 4K OLED TV in the UK”. Technically it’s going to be two TVs,…


LG’s LAP340 SoundPlate – sound without the fury

The main problem with today’s flat screen TVs is that, because they lack the cabinet of the old CRT models, you tend to get pretty weedy sound from their built-in…


Life’s Good: LG 2013 Product Showcase

LG invited us to take a look at their plans for our living room for 2013. Whilst we didn’t enjoy their choice of curtains, they had some amazing suggestions for…


LG Pocket Photo: All the News that’s Fit to Print

Until fairly recently, domestic printers were bulky and cumbersome devices that were hardly renowned for their portability. By contrast, the brand new LG Pocket Photo is small enough to slip…


MWC 2013 Preview: What to Expect from Samsung, Nokia and LG

Mobile World Congress 2013 kicks off tomorrow in Spain, Barcelona, and to whet your appetite for some shiny new tech we thought we take a look at who is likely…


LG Magic Remote: Pick Witch channel to watch

Just as he who controls the Spice controls the universe, he who controls the remote controls the living room. And if you’ve seen My Neighbours the Yamadas you’ll know the…


LG takes viewing to another level with new OLED TV

LG has unveiled their new “Ultimate Display” OLED TV at Monaco’s Sale des Etoiles. Measuring an impressive 55-inches, the TV is the world’s largest and slimmest OLED TV, and LG…


LG Smartscan, Microsoft Touch, Apple Magic and MX 1100 – Possibly the world’s niftiest mice!

A mouse with an integrated scanner – wow! Now that’s what we call a dandy gadget! Looking inconspicuously like your bog standard mouse, it isn’t until you press a small…


‘Giles for LG’ Cinema 3D glasses – Designed so that you stand out in the cinema!

One novel feature seems to be standing out in the latest press releases finding their way to the Latest Gadget’s contributors at the moment – the number of technological manufacturing…


LG CF3D Projector: Full HD 3D projection

Projectors are pretty cool. When your friends would boast of a new, 40-inch LCD TV, you’d humbly invite them round to sit in front of your home projection cinema experience….


New smartphones unveiled at CES 2011

This year you weren’t anyone if you didn’t announce a new smart phone, the majority of which are now powered (or based upon) the Android operating system. Being “Latest Gadgets”…


Sssh… lets whisper about the LG Rumor Touch

It may not be available until the spring, but there are some stirring rumors flying around about LG’s new Rumor Touch phone. In bragging a hefty 3-inch touch screen, increasing…