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Scosche, Incipio and be.ez are on the case

By Jack Ratcliffe,

Electrical devices are expensive. Therefore scratching them is annoying, and breaking them? Devastating. That’s where cases come in. Hundreds of products, thousands of brands, millions of styles – it’s a big market. We’ve explored some of the latest offerings from… Read article


Top five boy’s toys for Christmas

By David Hillier,

Christmas is coming, and the man in your life is getting fat, and whether you like it or not this man is going to spend too much time eating, drinking and using the Lords birthday as an excuse to meet… Read article


Kindle apps roundup

By Jack Ratcliffe,

Just as trees are grown for books, Amazon has slowly been growing an eco-system for reading books anywhere – the Kindle software. Now available or planned for eight different devices, Kindle plans to become far more than just hardware for… Read article


Sony Reader vs. Amazon Kindle

By Jack Ratcliffe,

Everyone loves a good face-off. The iPhone vs. Android, for example. Or Xbox vs. Playstation. John Travolta vs. Nicholas Cage. In the UK e-reader segment, it’s Sony vs. Amazon. Both are offering better, cheaper e-readers than ever before. The problem… Read article


Sony e-reader – hands on

By Jack Ratcliffe,

I attended the Sony Reader demonstration with one thing in mind – to buy an Amazon Kindle later that day. Somewhere between seeing the Sony Reader and forcing the European Product Manager outside to demonstrate its display in bright sunlight,… Read article


Indispensable gadgets for the beach

By Gabrielle Pickard,

In typical fashion, the British summer has taken a turn for the worse – at least in the north anyway – meaning thousands will be swiping last minute bargains and flocking to sunnier climes. Latestgadgets looks at those essential gadgets… Read article