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Pure Contour 100Di: Punching above its weight

By Dominic Smith,

Recently, radio maker Pure unleashed the Contour 100Di, an affordable, compact dock for iPod, iPhone and iPad with integrated digital radio, powerful and detailed audio, a charming revolving dock and a free companion internet radio and music streaming App (available… Read article


The Steel: Stylish, impressive sound and modestly priced

By Gabrielle Pickard,

Whilst not all iPod docking stations look suave and sophisticated – Speakal’s iPig iPod docking station springs to mind – if such a device is more urbane in appearance, it can make a classy addition to a room. Magicbox’s latest… Read article


Who let the iHogs out?

By Naomi Mackay,

Home Entertainment company Speakal has brought its very own piggy to market in the shape of the iHog iPod/iPhone docking station speaker system, which allows you to take your music out into the great outdoors. iPhone and iPod users can… Read article


Pioneer’s new micro-stereo systems

By Jack Ratcliffe,

Pioneer has launched four new micro-stereo systems into the European market, with enough variation between the models to help you find your ideal micro-music machine. The range – X-HM10, X-HM20DAB, X-HM70DAB, XC-HM70DAB – was built on the back of the… Read article


Rise and shine with the Gear4 Houseparty Rise

By Naomi Mackay,

Sometimes I yearn for the good old days, when an alarm clock was just that – a clock with an alarm on the top – preferably one of the really old-fashioned ones with two metal bells and a clanger that… Read article


MagicBox Ark iPod dock review

By Jack Ratcliffe,

The MagicBox Ark floated into our offices this week, bringing with it two of every speaker (that’s bible-talk for stereo sound). This £40 iPhone/iPod dock pumps out eight watts, powered straight from the mains. It’s an incredibly affordable price, but… Read article


Vita Audio R4 and R2i: Premium all-in-one stereo systems

By Jack Ratcliffe,

Design? Stylish. Components? Hi-tech. Sounds? Great. Sounds great, right? Vita Audio, a UK-based audio company, has released two premium all-in-one stereo systems that are sure to get your visual and aural attention – the R4 and the R2i. Audio R4… Read article