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Orbitsound T12v3 soundbar: Surround sound magic

By Jack Ratcliffe,

We’re always amazed by those single speakers (soundbars) that sit in front of TV and emit surround-sound from one speaker. They just don’t make sense to us. Still, this hurdle hasn’t stopped British manufacturer Orbitsound from producing their best-sounding soundbar… Read article


Pioneer’s latest quartet backs blu-ray all the way

By Andy Mossack,

Since it called time on its television production, Pioneer has seemingly been going full throttle on the audio and home cinema markets which can’t be a bad thing if they can maintain the quality of their product range. The result… Read article


Pioneer Sound Wing: Revolutionary speaker technology?

By Jack Ratcliffe,

Pioneer makes a lot of home theatre devices. Really, a lot. This one, however, lives up the company name – new, innovative: pioneering. It’s a called a ‘Sound Wing’, and it brings surround sound into a single, beautiful speaker bar…. Read article