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Griffin Helo TC Assault: Android and iOS-powered helicopter dogfights

As a child of the 80s I have a love for helicopters that is almost entirely based on the TV show Airwolf, in which Stringfellow Hawke, a loner who lives…


Hands on with the latest Griffin App Powered Accessories gear

Griffin were kind enough to invite us down to a space-age camper van in Central London to play with their latest and greatest App Powered Accessories range and nibble on…


iRemoco: Remote control helicopter for the iPhone

iPhones are cool,  but everything is so virtual. If you want to use your iPhone for physical fun, you’ll need iRemoco – a remote control helicopter for the iPhone, iPod…


Best toy helicopters: Our pick of the bunch

Helicopters are awesome. Unfortunately, most people can’t afford to buy one, and if they could, wouldn’t know how to fly it. Toy manufacturers noticed this injustice and have been hard…


Ingenious gadget gift ideas

It’s never a bad time to give a gift to a loved one (especially if that loved one is you) and our friends at Firebox.com sent us a few ideas…


What’s new in the DraganFlyer X6 helicopter?

We originally covered the DraganFlyer back in February. That unmanned airborne vehicle (UAV) was the X4 and cost £12,000. Ten months on and the new DraganFlyer X6 model is out,…


Firebox Christmas Preview: MiLi iPhone Projector, Gyro Flyer, Lomo Panoramic 360 camera

Latest Gadgets were invited to see the goodies that will be available at Firebox.com this Christmas. You probably know Firebox.com as they offer a range of products including quirky gadgets…