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Eye Check by Boots Opticians app

Poor eyesight is a leading cause of car accidents and, according to Boots Opticians, 65% of the one in three people who fail a basic eye chart test are drivers….


myTREK Pulse Monitor: A heartbeat away from fitness.

Let’s face it; your pulse is a very important part of your daily body function. After all, without one we wouldn’t be very alive would we?  Whilst your heart and…


Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Electric Toothbrush: The iPhone of toothbrushes

I love technology crammed where you wouldn’t normally think to put it. One of my favourite things I came across last year was a fridge with a built-in, internet-connected touchscreen….


The Bite Counter and other weight loss gadgets – An even more gruelling way to lose weight!

When you are happily munching away on a plate of your favourite food, don’t you think that you’d be put off if a widget on your wrist was counting your…


Polar RCX5 training computer: The pocket-sized personal trainer

Think all personal trainers are muscle-bound blokes in skin-tight lycra or impossibly lithe, enthusiastic women who think nothing of a completing a 20-mile run before breakfast? It’s time to think…


‘The-Swing’ range of innovative swings: A relaxing way to burn calories?

Recognising that swings do not have to be confined to the enjoyment of children, the Outdoor Toy Company, have launched a range of award-winning high quality swings for the home…

Nike+ SportWatch GPS Powered by TomTom review

For the second time this year, a PR company contacted me and said “fancy loosing some weight? Try this out!” I’d be outraged but both times there was a doughnut…


‘Get the edge’ on competitors and fellow spectators with the latest sports apps

As the weather warms up so do the joggers, who are coming out of the woodwork fast and furious, all determined to shed a few pounds before that much anticipated…


Nike+ SportWatch GPS: Keeping you on track?

Nike has teamed up with TomTom, one of the world leaders in GPS mapping systems, to provide runners with the ideal digital performance coach. There are specific runner watches already…


ElliptiGo: the cross trainer for the outdoors

Many people will tell you running is tough on the joints. For people with back and knee problems running can be an issue. However, this should not confine you to…


The SteriPEN Sidewinder – The “world’s first battery free water purifier”

There are not really that many circumstances when one would require a battery free water purifier. Although the albeit limited occasions you may require to purify water without the use…


Hi-tech tinnitus protection earplugs

It plagues nearly half a million people in the UK each year. It causes untold sleepless nights and has no known cure. It makes DJ Eddie Temple Morris brand stereos…


Polar Fit heart rate monitor: Feeling the burn

Around 43% of men and 33% of women are overweight. That means at least a third of you need to do more exercise, and there’s an almost even chance that I…


Philips DirectLife Activity Monitor: Fighting flab with gadgetry

I freely admit it – I weigh a little more than I’d like to. And unlike a reasonable number of tech journalists I’ve met (naming no names) I actually try…


Nicorette’s ActiveStop anti-cigarette iPhone app

If you’re one of the seven million UK smokers who attempt to kick the habit every year, your best Christmas present could be Nicorette’s ActiveStop anti-cigarette iPhone app. Or hypnotherapy….

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