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CES 2015 Video: Virtuix Omni

CES displays a staggering amount of pioneering tech every year in every field, and it certainly hasn’t disappointed the gaming crowd this year. The Virtuix Omni promises to take gaming…


Logitech launch PowerShell Controller for iPhone

As the old adage goes, the best camera is the one you have on you and the same apparently applies for handheld gaming. Whilst the negatives to be said for…


Wikipad, The Tablet For Gamers, Comes To The UK

Handheld gaming is big business these days, with apps-a-plenty for those who want to take anything from Monopoly to Minecraft for a whirl on a smartphone or tablet. Merging such technology…


E3 Roundup: XBox One vs Playstation 4 – Price vs. Promising Lineup

Gamers struggling to make a informed decision on whether to buy an Xbox 1 or PS4 this Christmas are not alone – but you will be glad to know both…


XBox One vs Playstation 4: Next-Gen Console Showdown

To the naked eye there doesn’t seem to be that much of a difference between the Xbox One – which finally got its unveiling last night – and Sony’s PS4….


PlayStation 4 Launch Roundup: Gaming from the Ground Up

Wednesday night Sony Computer Entertainment unveiled what many had speculated, the PlayStation 4. Only they didn’t actually show the console. During the 2-hour presentation the console maker, alongside a range…


MAG II Gun Controller: The pursuit of trigger happiness

There’s something silly yet enjoyable about running around pretending to have a gun (key word “pretending”) and the sophistication of modern gaming is still hard pressed to be as enjoyable…


Gamestick: the “most portable” gaming console

Used to be that you’d have to fly out to CES to catch a glimpse of the future. Fortunately now you can save on your carbon footprint and simply head…


Nintendo Wii U review of reviews

The Nintendo Wii was like a firework of its generation of consoles – it burned incredibly brightly and shot up fast and then kind of fell away. Opening up the…


AOC myPlay: Supersize your mobile’s display

Ever get fed up of the miniscule size of your Smartphone’s display? Have you dreamt of a larger screen on your tablet? With AOC’s new 27” myPlay i2757Fm display monitor,…


The nuts and bolts of Logitech’s new mechanical keyboard

Before we go any further, I would like to say that the keyboard I am typing this on has seen better days. Every keystroke emits a clunky noise, and it…


Sennheiser U320 Gaming Headset: Multi platform? These Cans Can

And so the debate continues to rumble on. PC? Xbox 360? PS3?  Mac? Whatever your particular weapon of choice, the lack of uniform head gear is irritating in the extreme,…


Roamler: Real life RPG adventure + cash

More and more companies are trying to take advantage of the fact that growing numbers of consumers are wandering hither and thither with location-aware, internet connection super computers in their…


Logitech G600: A gaming mouse for the MMO generation

Is your old bog-standard mouse getting a bit rusty when you play WoW or LotRO? In that case, maybe it’s time to invest in the new Logitech G600, a mouse…


Elgato Game Capture HD: For gamers who don’t play around

Some people like to think that after they die they live on through their work. But now it’s possible to live on through your play with Elgato’s Game Capture HD…

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