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Top 5 eReader Accessories

By Hannah Braime,

Light, portable and able to fit over 1,000 books at a time, it’s no surprise that eReaders are a huge hit. With more users, models and books available for eReaders than ever, the number of accessories you can purchase to… Read article


Top five boy’s toys for Christmas

By David Hillier,

Christmas is coming, and the man in your life is getting fat, and whether you like it or not this man is going to spend too much time eating, drinking and using the Lords birthday as an excuse to meet… Read article


TWIG: RailEasy app, Bookbox eReader, Totes Smartouch

By Shem Pennant,

Have a smartphone? Take the train? Get the RailEasy app. I’m very tempted to leave it there making this the shortest review in these pages, but I suppose I should go into a little more detail. RailEasy is a train… Read article


4 Top “Back to School” gadgets for a new term

By Amanda McGahan,

It is that time of year again where parents pay out huge amounts of money so their children can have the latest and greatest for the new school year. We also have the university students who are soon to be… Read article


Amazon Kindle 3 review roundup

By Jack Ratcliffe,

Amazon has announce that the newest version of its famous Kindle e-reader device will be hitting the (virtual) shelves on August 27th. At £109 for a Wi-Fi device, and £149 for 3G + Wi-Fi, the reading device is certainly one… Read article