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PlexEasy PX-650US: Computer free back ups

By Andy Mossack,

Whilst all the talk is about cloud based storage and blue sky thinking, Plextor have their feet planted firmly on the ground. After all, there is still a market out there for those who prefer a more hands on way… Read article


Drobo & Pogoplug Collaboration: A Seamless Solution?

By Gabrielle Pickard,

There is no escaping the fact that as our reliance on gadgets to execute work duties, be entertained and stay connected with people grows, so do our files and data, and whilst I have so far managed to avoid buying… Read article


Mozy online back up by EMC

By Shem Pennant,

As the designated IT guy in my social circle I’ve had to say “… but you’ve backed everything up right??” more times than I care to remember. The first line of working with computers 101 and the mantra of IT… Read article