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Amazon Kindle sets world (well UK) on Fire

By Shem Pennant,

After snubbing the UK for some of its recent releases, Amazon finally extended a warm embrace to the British Isles and in fact over compensated…


Best e-readers for the summer holidays

By Kate Kemp,

If you’re travelling this summer, an e-reader is an essential companion. Instead of cramming your suitcase full of books, an e-reader can save your valuable…


Sony e-reader – hands on

By Jack Ratcliffe,

I attended the Sony Reader demonstration with one thing in mind – to buy an Amazon Kindle later that day. Somewhere between seeing the Sony…


Amazon Kindle 3 review roundup

By Jack Ratcliffe,

Amazon has announce that the newest version of its famous Kindle e-reader device will be hitting the (virtual) shelves on August 27th. At £109 for…