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Secret Agent Alarm Clock Review: On Her Majesty’s Sleep-Rest Service

Sure you could wake to the sun’s rays, a cock crowing or the chime of alarm bells, but where’s the fun in that. If you’ve ever been startled awake at…


Christmas gifts for movie fans

Okay, so maybe you didn’t stretch to splashing out for James’ Bond’s Honda CRF250R motorbike from the Skyfall movie – you’d have needed £101,400 to win it on the eBay…


Gear4: iOS docks of the future

Gear4, one of the leaders in the iPad dock market, invited us to have a play with some of their up and coming iOS accessories. The biggest challenge Gear4 see…


Amplicomms TCL210 travel clock: Shake yourself awake

If you need to be shaken awake, here’s an alarm clock that can do it for you. The amplicomms TCL210 Travel Clock has been designed to make the earth move…


Be a diamond geezer with the latest iPhone dock from RED5

iPhone docks are generally ten a penny, and here at Latest Gadgets Towers we’re always receiving press releases about them, so they really need to stand out from the crowd…


Wakey Wakey Shine and Rise: The Philips Light Alarm clock

As someone who gets up at 5 am pretty much every morning, I appreciate a good alarm clock. Being rudely jolted out of bed every morning by the “Time’s Up”…


Edifier Tick Tock Dock review

Despite doing it without fail every day of my life, waking up is a hard business that I’ve not managed to improve on with age. Nas had the right idea….


Magicbox Tower iPod alarm dock review

More and more iPod dock alarm clocks seem to be hitting the market. After all it’s a natural fit – you have all that space by your bedside table, an…


Sunrays dawn simulator alarm clock review

There’s something about being violently jolted from be at 6 in the morning by the siren setting on my iPhone that just doesn’t sit well with me. I love my…


Logic 3’s i-Station TimeCube review

So it would seem that iPod docks have become so prevalent, that simply playing back sound from your iDevice is no longer enough, and more and more dual (or more)…


PURE Twilight dawn simulator and alarm clock: Mood awakening

Being rudely awakened by the dreaded alarm clock blasting out to all of sundry may be an affliction of the past. Thanks to PURE Twilight, a digital alarm clock that…


TIME iPod alarm clock and speaker dock review

Exspect’s design team deserve a pat on the back. As someone who is emailed literally 3 times a week with new iPod dock releases, I have a somewhat jaded view…


GEAR4 AlarmDock Halo iPod review: iPod dock around the clock

GEAR4 offered us the chance to spend a few nights with their new AlarmDock Halo speaker docking station. How could we say no? The UK-based audio brand have release a…


Sony’s serene, hi-tech alarm clock

If your anything like me you dread the noise that emanates from traditional alarm clocks, my current alarm clock sounds like something from an alien planet – it’s a high-pitched…