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Top Christmas gifts for kids

Okay, so we all know children get far too many presents these days, but hey, it’s Christmas, so here’s a few ideas for gadgets for kids of all ages. Hello…


Christmas gifts for girls

Christmas is looming. If you like to miss the mad Christmas Eve rush then you best start buying those pressies now. Here’s our top present ides for the ladies! So…


Toshiba Mini NB500 and NB520

The iPad killed the netbook. The useless, low-resolution, under-batteried and dramatically under-powered old-school netbook. No-one told Toshiba, however, that the iPad had won, or that netbooks had to be useless….


Enhanced Editions: Sarah Silverman’s The Bedwetter iPhone ebook

You might be aware of US comedian Sarah Silverman. She had a brief stint on Saturday Night Live and can be seen on Mr Show, The Larry Sanders Show and…


Guinness World Records iPad app

Until now, the only record related to the iPad was fastest selling tablet computer. Now, thanks to the Guinness World Records: At Your Fingertips app, users can use the Apple…


Mili iPhone Power Pack 4 – Just in case

You’d be churlish to deny that smartphones are a wonder of the modern age. Whichever fruit or robot-based feudal camp you find yourself attached to, the fact that for a…


Samsung WB2000 review: On my Christmas wishlist

The Samsung WB2000 is the second compact camera I’ve reviewed from Samsung this week, and like the waterproof WP10, the build quality is admirable. Out of the box, it impresses…


Don’t leave home without it: A gift guide for a loved one with the travel bug

What do you buy a travel junkie that seems to have everything? Well that’s simple, any one of the following… Livescribe Echo Smartpen If your loved one’s tendency for travel…


Samsung WP10 review: shiny happy snapper

First impressions of the shiny red Samsung WP10 that arrived in the post were pretty good. It’s a waterproof camera (up to 3m) and as such is really solidly built,…


Jabra’s CRUISER2 in-car speakerphone

Holding a mobile in one hand and the steering wheel in another is a definite no-no for obvious reasons. Whilst contemporary society has become so au fait with being ‘connected…


The best gadgets and apps to lull a baby to sleep

If you have a baby that sleeps well you are in the lucky minority. But for the unlucky majority, a baby’s frequent waking leads to sleep serious depravation and leaves…


SE-CL34, SE-CL521 and SE-CL531: Pioneer brightens up the headphone market

Pioneer is continuing its foray into the headphone market with three new models designed to be used with portable media players. Anyone who’s tired of seeing the ubiquitous white earphones…


Jabra ACTIVE headset: Making keep fit a little more fun

Let’s face it, nearly all of us are sports enthusiasts in early January. But what cuts the serious from those on an exercising whim, is that the latter’s impulse has…


Christmas gifts for the budding cyclist

When it comes to presents, people can usually be defined by one key interest. If that interest is cycling, then you’ve come to the right page. We’ve toured the web…


Tron: Legacy director Joe Kosinski talks 3D

3D films are attracting three times more cinema-goers than their 2D rivals. Add that enthusiasm to this decade’s nostalgia addiction, and unique sounds from the world’s foremost electronica act and…

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