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Auto Trader ignition iPad app

By Shem Pennant -

Working in tech I’m promised “the future” about once a week. I love my tablets and do think it’s crazy the amount of things I can do on slim slate of glass that pops easily in my bag. But I’ve… Read article


Introducing the Haier washing machine range

By Guest Contributor -

For the last 27 years, Haier have been developing washing machines that get your clothes softer and cleaner than ever before. There’s a wide range of machines to buy, so you’ll be able to find one to fit your needs… Read article


TDK Life on Record wireless speaker range

By Shem Pennant -

TDK invited us to a big warehouse party in Shoreditch to play with their new range of speakers and headphones. This is because this is not your grandfather’s TDK. TDK have been in the game a long time, and originally… Read article


IT’S MINE: Protect prized possessions

By Hannah Braime -

We’re bombarded with tips designed to help prevent us getting into sticky situations. No matter how hard we try, however, we’re all at risk of petty theft, bag snatching and similar crimes, especially in big cities. IT’S MINE TECHNOLOGY is… Read article


Panasonic New Design Icons for the Kitchen

By Shem Pennant -

Panasonic have recently embarked upon a singular crusade to make your kitchen look as stylish as possible and have bequeathed unto your granite surface a new range of incredible looking appliances. First up are the Panasonic NT-ZP1 / NT-DP1 Toasters…. Read article


Top 3 Christmas Gifts For Teenagers

By Gabrielle Pickard -

Teenagers are notoriously difficult to please and none more so when it comes to Christmas presents! During this intensely difficult age teenagers are too old for toys, too young to appreciate the fineries of food, drink and home décor and… Read article


The “Wind in the Willows” App Review

By Naomi Mackay -

The Wind in the Willows is one of those timeless classics that has survived generations – and now it is being brought to today’s children via an app for iPad and iPhone. One of the things we all remember about… Read article


Microsoft Surface: Review of reviews

By Andy Mossack -

It may have taken more than a few years for the penny to drop, but finally Microsoft has released its own tablet contender to take on the more established iPad and Android heavyweights. Has Surface, running Windows 8 RT, got… Read article


Humax Freesat freetime: Fixing broken TV

By Shem Pennant -

TV is in an odd state right now. I’m one of the those annoying people who will say “I don’t watch TV” even though I now – thanks to Netflix and other streaming services – watch more TV than ever… Read article