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Top 5 eReader Accessories

By Hannah Braime -

Light, portable and able to fit over 1,000 books at a time, it’s no surprise that eReaders are a huge hit. With more users, models and books available for eReaders than ever, the number of accessories you can purchase to… Read article


The Changing Face of Software

By Hannah Braime -

The days of floppy disks and CD-ROMS are well an truly over. Not only can we download most of our software online now, but the growth of the open-source market means we can usually find free alternatives to popular tools…. Read article


Baby it’s cold outside: Winter warmer gadgets

By Gabrielle Pickard -

I don’t know about down South but in Manchester it’s wet, freezing and miserable. What happened to autumn this year? With the onset of the cold weather and the gloomy prospect of it only getting colder and colder, who can… Read article


Neato XV-25 robotic vacuum cleaner review

By Naomi Mackay -

Sweep away hair and allergens without lifting a finger This is like a dream come true – as I write this, a small robotic vacuum is navigating its way around the ground floor of my house doing the vacuuming. I… Read article


Future Kitchen Technology Revealed

By Kate Kemp -

Appliance manufacturer Gorenje and sustainable lifestyle products outfit Ecover have joined forces to put a new spin on our kitchen gadgets. These like-minded companies have introduced a whole suite of shiny black technology with the underlying ethos of environmental responsibility,… Read article


Best Accessibility Gadgets for the Visually Impaired

By Gabrielle Pickard -

In 2011 there were approximately 360,000 people registered as blind or partially sighted in the UK, as stated by the charity Action For Blind People. Given the prolific number of people in Britain who are living with sight loss and… Read article


NeoTV Streaming Players: Ultra Smart TV

By Mark Pilkington -

NetGear have launched not one, not two, but three new additions to their NeoTV range of streaming video players. Offering stunning 1080p HD resolutions, each player has built in WiFi and Intel’s WiDi to enable content to be streamed over… Read article


zBoost 4G DataBlast Signal Booster: Stay connected

By Hannah Braime -

4G is set to be 3G’s stronger, older sister. Providing mobile users with a faster, stronger connection, this network will roll out in 16 UK cities by the end of 2012, and expand further next year. Just like 3G, no… Read article


Pivothead: Putting video cameras in the shades

By Hannah Braime -

Have you ever had that daydream you are being followed by hidden cameras capturing every chance encounter, documenting every time you cross paths with your future partner or gathering evidence in case you suffer a stumble worthy of a hidden… Read article


Jorno: Kickstarter Bluetooth keyboard

By Shem Pennant -

Maybe it’s one of those signs that I’m no longer as young as I think I am, but I can’t type for extend periods on my phone. I just feel dumb if I’m thumbing my touchscreen for more than two… Read article