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CES 2015 Video: SelfieBrush, smartphone holder hairbrush

The SelfieBrush, from the creators of The Wet Brush, shows more of the more quirky side of the gadgetry displayed at CES 2015. The brush allows the user to slide their…


CES 2015 Video: Slow Control’s Baby Glgl, the ‘smart’ baby milk bottle

CES 2015 has shown us a number of useful gadgets for parents of young families, such as the mamaRoo. The Baby Glgl from the team behind the ‘Smart Fork’ –…


CES 2015 Video: Olloclip camera lens for iPhone 6

While smartphone cameras have been improving rapidly in recent years, even top-of-the-line devices can fall short of the visual effects we really need. One area that can disappoint is that…


CES 2015 Video: SleepPhones Bluetooth speaker headband

  One of the more quirky gadgets on show at CES is the SleepPhones headband. This headband has Bluetooth speakers built-in, for music during sleep or after washing your hair….


CES 2015 Video: Hyundai ‘Blue Link’ app

Picture this: you’ve just left work into the cold darkness and can’t wait to get into your warm car. You walk into the busy car park and it hits you…


CES 2015 Video: 4mom’s mamaRoo Bluetooth baby bouncer

4mom’s mamaRoo, as showcased this year at CES, could be the newest boon for parents with young children that appreciate movement. It’s a high-tech baby bouncer, controllable on your smartphone…


CES 2015 Video: Zagg’s ‘Pocket’ foldable wireless keyboard

Have you ever found yourself frustrated with the tiny keys on your smartphone or tablet? Ever thought that it would be immensely convenient to have a compact keyboard like the…


Alcatel Onetouch Idol 2S – could this mid-ranger compete with the top dogs?

If you’re on the lookout for a mid-range smartphone that looks pretty stylish and is small enough to not feel bulky in your back pocket, then the Alcatel Onetouch Idol…


CES 2015 Video: Virtuix Omni

CES displays a staggering amount of pioneering tech every year in every field, and it certainly hasn’t disappointed the gaming crowd this year. The Virtuix Omni promises to take gaming…


The dual-screen Yotaphone 2 – for when one display just isn’t enough

Smartphones are constantly finding new ways to automate or augment tasks that would traditionally be covered by other products, but until there’s a dramatic advance in technology we’re still essentially…


Google’s Nexus 7 – great in size, but is there any substance?

Arriving in time for Christmas to round off its smartphone range alongside the Nexus 5, Google’s Nexus 6 fills that all important “phablet” niche with a device that’s as big…


A stylish thumbs up for the new Philips Moda 2 Monitor

OK, so it might not be as big as the 40-inch Philips 4K monitor Latest Gadgets recently produced a round up on, but the new Philips Moda 2 monitor, with…


Adesso’s Slimtouch 212 brings flexibility and usability to the table

Adesso are best known for making sturdy and rugged keyboards with a price that reflects their build quality, so the low-cost, ultra-flexible SlimTouch 212 is something of a change of…


The 40-inch 4K Philips UHD display – size matters, but what of the price?

They say size doesn’t matter. Well try telling that the big screen-loving consumer fraternity, who, no matter how small a room might be, are determined to squeeze a mighty and…


Alcatel OneTouch PIXI 7 – how good can a £70 tablet be?

In recent weeks we’ve seen major players including Tesco and Vodafone stepping up their efforts in the budget tablet market – anybody would think it was getting close to some…

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