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Nutrino: Pocket Nutritionist

By Paul Lester -

There are more than 1 billion overweight adults in the world and at least 300 million of them are clinically obese. Apparently. So at least…


A KALQ-ulated Gamble: the KALQ Keyboard

By Neil Cumins -

Despite its intentionally obtuse layout, the QWERTY keyboard has been a part of our lives since it debuted on a typewriter in the 1880s. However,…

Audiophile Players

Top 5 Music Players for Audiophiles

By Nick Peers -

Anyone with a smartphone has a portable music player in their pocket, but while that might be okay for the average punter, anyone with a…


Rdio launches Vdio for TV and movies on demand

By David Nield -

Music streaming service Rdio has launched a new Vdio site for streaming TV shows and movies on demand. Unlike Rdio, Vdio adopt a pay-per-item approach…


TRENDnet AC1750 Dual-Band Wireless Router

By Ian Barker -

If you have broadband you probably didn’t buy your own router. It’s a rare ISP these days that doesn’t chuck in a router for free…