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5 USB Flash Drives With a Double Life

By Ian Barker -

With the advent of cloud storage, flash drives aren’t quite the essential items they once were. They still have their place though as a handy means of transferring data or carrying files that you don’t trust to the cloud. But… Read article


Open PCR: DNA Experiments for DIY Enthusiasts

By Neil Cumins -

Anyone who’s seen the film Jurassic Park will understand the basic premise of DNA replication. In theory, this process involves taking a fragment of a creature’s DNA, and multiplying it into a sufficiently large quantity for cloning to take place…. Read article


Top 5 Tech Kickstarters

By Susan Connolly -

Kickstarter is making dreams come to life through the power of crowd funding. One of the hottest categories on the site is Technology. Professional and amateur inventors alike are trying their hand at making our lives better, easier or just… Read article


CHOBiCAM Cheese Camera is Gouda’Nuff

By Susan Connolly -

The new camera by Japan Trust Technology puts a whole new meaning to “Say Cheese!”. The company has just revealed the launch of the first ever cheese-shaped camera. The miniature camera promises to make anyone smile, without ever having to… Read article


Video: Unboxing the TTI TX-150 Marine VHF Radio

By Guest Contributor -

Given the current glorious weather, it’s not surprising to discover that lots of people are taking to the sea. While most of us are sensible enough to don a lifejacket, not everyone remembers to take a means of communication. If… Read article


dLAN 500 AV Wireless+ Starter Kit Review

By Geoff Bowen -

As Peter Kay might say, “WiFi, it’s the future – I’ve tasted it”. You realise this is true when your relatives visit and, within minutes of crossing the threshold, proceed to pull out their gadgets and demand to know your… Read article


Grand St: Indie Gadgets for People by People

By Shem Pennant -

As we covered when we looked at Makers, there is a small revolution happening in the Internet of Things. Slowly but surely people, not giant corporations are making interesting and useful tech and getting in into the hands of other… Read article


Trax: The Smart Way to Monitor Kids and Pets

By Ian Barker -

Thanks to smartphones equipped with GPS we’re constantly reporting our position to social media, employers or anyone else who’s interested. Being tracked is simply a part of everyday existence for most of us. But what about the precious things in… Read article


Lytro: Light Rays and Living Pictures

By Shem Pennant -

Photography – especially the mid-range point and click market has been in trouble for some time now. People, for the most part, love to take pictures but a quick glance on Facebook or Instagram shows that they don’t always care… Read article