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CES 2011: ZTE light and other goodies

By Jack Ratcliffe -

ZTE used to be a bit camera shy. It’d hide its achievements behind mobile phone brands like Orange or Vodafone, despite being responsible for 99.8% of 3G dongles on the UK market. Then last year, the Chinese company launched a… Read article


Casio unveils Bluetooth enabled digital wrist watch

By Andy Mossack -

Just as mobile phones went from convenient personal calling to inseparable lifestyle companions, the humble wrist watch is set to follow in their footsteps. No longer will we be using our watches to just tell us the time, they will… Read article


Acer liquidmini: DLNA magic in the palm of your hand

By Amanda McGahan -

You probably know Acer for their desktops and laptops. Last year they ventured into phones and introduced the liquid range. Now they are follow up the powerful Acer liquidmetal with Acer liquidmini. It is the smallest phone in the liquid… Read article


British Library Treasures smartphone and tablet app

By Shem Pennant -

Technology can often be useful in furthering the cause of education (and ignorance if you casually glance over oh I don’t know most comment threads on the internet) and its always interesting to look at new gadgets, developments and applications… Read article


New smartphones unveiled at CES 2011

By Geoff Bowen -

This year you weren’t anyone if you didn’t announce a new smart phone, the majority of which are now powered (or based upon) the Android operating system. Being “Latest Gadgets” rather than “Latest Phones” meant that we only focused on… Read article