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Logic 3’s i-Station TimeCube review

By Shem Pennant -

So it would seem that iPod docks have become so prevalent, that simply playing back sound from your iDevice is no longer enough, and more…


Swiftpoint: The ultra mini-mouse

By Shem Pennant -

Hate trackpads? Go on admit it I won’t tell anyone. Trackpads can be amazing – Apple’s multi-touch efforts are pretty swanky and in general the…


Memonic: Your online filing cabinet

By Jack Ratcliffe -

Surfing the web sometimes leaves you adrift in a vast sea of LOLcats, viral videos and sometimes, genuinely useful data. Google lets you search through…


Sony RDP-X50iP iPod dock review

By Shem Pennant -

Sony were nice enough to send us a Sony rdp-x50ip iPod dock to review (and then send back). We see a lot of iPod docks…


Top five boy’s toys for Christmas

By David Hillier -

Christmas is coming, and the man in your life is getting fat, and whether you like it or not this man is going to spend…