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Olympus reveals seven new snappers

By Naomi Mackay -

It’s that time of year, when all the technical bods gathered in Las Vegas to wonder at the latest innovations at the world’s biggest technical showcase – CES. And it’s also the cue for camera manufacturers to roll out a… Read article


ITTM Dual Sim Range arrives In UK

By Jack Ratcliffe -

ITTM Monaco, Europe’s most popular mobile phone manufacturer that you’ve never heard of, is launching a range of dual sim phones in the UK. Adulterers from John O’Groats to Lands End have already pre-ordered. The launch marks the first major… Read article


iTablet 10.1″ Windows 7 touchscreen computing

By Jack Ratcliffe -

The iPad revolutionised the flagging tablet market with an inspirationally simple approach. AHX Global has noticed this success and decided to set off in the completely opposite direction. The company’s iTablet device crams a fully-functional Windows 7 operating system onto… Read article


Flex those muscles with Radiopaq’s new Flex headsets

By Gabrielle Pickard -

If you are looking to buy sports earphones that won’t fall out of your ears when you raise the tempo of your workout, then look no further than the new Flex headset, high-tech sports earphones, designed to deliver outstanding audio… Read article


Parrot Red Dragon speakers – better by design

By Naomi Mackay -

Anyone who loves modern design will know the work of French product designer Philippe Starck. His modernist furniture is legendary and unusual in that he doesn’t produce one-off expensive pieces, but rather produces designs that are made for mass production…. Read article


Ford Focus Electric at CES 2011

By Andy Mossack -

It seems Ford is turning greener by the second. Not only has it announced that its first ever zero emission all electric passenger car will be available in Europe and the US by 2013, but it will be produced for… Read article


Sony Ericsson announces Xperia Arc with Mobile BRAVIA engine

By Jack Ratcliffe -

Sony makes thousands of products. But despite the technological prowess, the Japanese company has done a pretty poor job of sharing knowledge between departments – until now. The new Xperia Arc smartphone takes all of Sony’s television and camera knowledge,… Read article