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Kindle Fire HDX coming to the UK, but is it any good?

By David Nield -

Rumours of an Amazon-branded phone continue to swirl around the tech world, but in the meantime the company is focusing on its Android tablet line with its new Kindle Fire HDX range. The competition is fiercer than ever: cut-price slabs… Read article


HTC One Max review round-up

By Paul Lester -

HTC received a much needed boost to a flagging reputation when it released the HTC One, so it’s not entirely surprising to see the Taiwanese smartphone giant milking this success at every opportunity. The HTC One Mini was fairly well… Read article


GoPro Hero 3+: First impressions and sample footage

By Andrew Rafter -

Californian action camera company GoPro has been synonymous with capturing the thrills and spills of extreme sports over the years – and this week the company released an improved version of its popular GoPro Hero 3+. What made GoPro cameras… Read article


Quick Look: CES Unveiled, London 2013

By Shem Pennant -

The Consumer Electronics Show every year in glamorous Las Vegas is one of the highlights of the tech calendar. We went to CES Unveiled, a preview of next year’s show at the slightly less glamorous South Bank of London to… Read article


LG’s LAP340 SoundPlate – sound without the fury

By Ian Barker -

The main problem with today’s flat screen TVs is that, because they lack the cabinet of the old CRT models, you tend to get pretty weedy sound from their built-in speakers. This accounts for the popularity of multi-speaker home cinema… Read article


Dyson announce Airblade dB hand dryer, now 50% quieter

By Shem Pennant -

Who doesn’t like dry hands? Dyson have been at the forefront of bathroom technology since the introduction of their iconic (and polarising) Airblade machines. Personally I’ve been waiting for James and co to unleash their version of Demolition Man’s “Three… Read article


Win a Kodak EasyShare camera courtesy of British Gas

By Geoff Bowen -

What’s the deal? We’ve teamed up with the folks at British Gas to look at how they’re introducing Smart Meters to their customers. This comes off the back of a recent EU directive which set the ambitious target of having… Read article


Review Round-Up: Ricoh’s THETA spherical camera

By Neil Cumins -

It may look like a Wii controller, but this sleek and stylish handheld device is actually a significant consumer first. Unveiled late last month by Ricoh at Berlin’s IFA electronics fair, it is the first mass-produced fully spherical camera, simultaneously… Read article


Get On Trac: Puma launches new running app

By Dave Jenkins -

Do you reckon you run faster on a sunny day? Or that Iron Maiden will always be champions of the definitive early morning run soundtrack? Perhaps you believe you’re at your physical peak during a full moon? Well it’s time… Read article