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Review Round-Up: Ricoh’s THETA spherical camera

By Neil Cumins -

It may look like a Wii controller, but this sleek and stylish handheld device is actually a significant consumer first. Unveiled late last month by Ricoh at Berlin’s IFA electronics fair, it is the first mass-produced fully spherical camera, simultaneously… Read article


Get On Trac: Puma launches new running app

By Dave Jenkins -

Do you reckon you run faster on a sunny day? Or that Iron Maiden will always be champions of the definitive early morning run soundtrack? Perhaps you believe you’re at your physical peak during a full moon? Well it’s time… Read article


Colapz, the UK’s first folding garden watering can

By Gabrielle Pickard -

Like shears and lawnmowers, watering cans are an irrefutably necessary gardener’s tool. Despite the somewhat hoary ubiquitous popularity of watering cans, it has to be said that unless you’ve got an ample-sized shed, these big and bulky items take up… Read article


Tesco enter tablet market with launch of “Hudl”

By Andrew Rafter -

Tesco’s continued push to capture some of the burgeoning digital entertainment market has seen the supermarket giant launch its own budget Android tablet called Hudl. Presumably pronounced Huddle, the 7-inch tablet retails for just £119 – but despite the credit crunch… Read article


Microsoft announce Surface 2 and Surface 2 Pro

By Paul Lester -

Though it can hardly claim to have revolutionised the tablet market, Microsoft’s original Surface was nevertheless an intriguing device. Blurring the line between tablet and notebook, it seems to have done well enough for the software giant to come up… Read article


Review round up: HP Chromebook 14

By Gabrielle Pickard -

Its “eye-popping” colours are the first thing Engadget mentions in its hands on review of the new HP Chromebook 14. Citing the aesthetical merits (particularly the colour) of a new gadget first and foremost makes one suspiciously dubious about the… Read article


Name that BluTune: Roberts launch Bluetooth radio range

By Dave Jenkins -

Hundreds of stations and not a thing worth listening to: Even the shift from FM to DAB couldn’t help us avoid the nasal, cheesy, over-enthusiastic, often-egotistical tones of presenters playing the same 10 soulless songs every hour. Sound familiar? Well… Read article


The Binatone Brick brings back 1980s mobile style

By David Nield -

If you’ve a hankering for the mobile devices of the 80s and 90s then Binatone’s new Brick handset is going to be right up your street — the chunky, feature-limited device can work as a mobile or a Bluetooth handset… Read article


Control your DSLR remotely with Weye Feye

By Ian Barker -

As any keen photographer knows there are times when being behind the camera is a disadvantage. Whether you’re photographing wildlife and don’t want to scare off the cute critters, or you’re snapping extreme or motor sports where getting too close… Read article