[Sponsored Video] Qualcomm presents Snapdragon all-in-one mobile processors

Snapdragon, from the people at Qualcomm, represents a family of mobile system on chips (SoC) that are intended for devices like smartphones, tablets and smartbooks. In their own words, they’re the “digital brains inside the smartest devices” and can be found in more than 340 devices.

Depending on the chipset, Snapdragon processors contain the necessary circuitry to decode HD video at both 720p and 1080p. Qualcomm are also keen to boast the fact that Snapdragon processors take mobile gaming to a ‘whole new level’ and provide ‘console-quality’ scenes and effects.

In this ever increasing mobile world, where devices are getting more and more powerful, not running out of battery is a major concern. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors are designed to be just as efficient as they are powerful – allowing you to keep on gaming, send another photo or watch your favourite movie over and over!

The Snapdragon ‘family’ currently includes the top of the range Snapdragon S4 as well as the S3 which can be found in devices like the Sony Ericsson Experia Ion, the S2 (found in the Blackberry Bold) and the S1 which can be found in phones like the HTC Wildfire S.

To help people learn more about their Snapdragon processors, Qualcomm have launched three videos that showcase its abilities and features. You can see the first video below and find the others through their dedicated Facebook page.

This article was sponsored by Qualcomm