Sponsored video: Campaign showcases benefits of Samsung Memory

While there is often a lot of ‘press’ regarding the appearance and design of a new gadget, the hard work put in to the components inside can be neglected. In an effort to address this, Samsung have just launched a new video campaign to highlight their latest memory technology.

Explaining innovations in memory technology, in a way that an average consumer can easily understand, could have been quite a challenge! However, Samsung have taken the novel approach of using three fictional ‘baddies’: Brutus Battery, Fiona Freeze and Loading Ball Larry.

Brutus Battery

Samsung have used this character (a big, long haired, goatee wearing man) to highlight the issue of devices running out of battery – such as when you’re about to take a photo in an amazing location or when you’re on an important call. To tackle this, Samsung LPDDR2 memory uses 50% less power than the industry standard while maintaining optimal performance – which means you could get up to 30 more minutes of work or play.

Loading Ball Larry

Represented by a man in a tweed jacket and red trousers, Loading Ball Larry is used to highlight the issue of your device working slowly or crashing – like turning a simple ten-minute task into a full hour of frustration as you constantly waiting for the spinning ball to go away. An example of how Samsung tackle this is via their SSD hard drives. Samsung SSDs have no spin-up time like a traditional hard drive and can perform 110x faster than a 15K RPM hard drive.

Fiona Freeze

Fiona is a pale skin, bleach blonde, long hair woman with ripped tights. She represents (as you may have now worked out) that annoying moment when your device freezes up at a crucial moment – whether it be at the cliff hanger in a movie or while doing that crucial presentation for work.

(This post was sponsored by Samsung)