Sponsored Video: Volvo “unboxes” the V60 Plug-In Hybrid

Volvo have announced the forthcoming launch of their V60 Plug-In hybrid diesel car. This ‘halo model’ will see 1,000 hybrids being released in 2012, increasing to an expected 5,000 the following year.

The V60 hybrid offers three button-controlled driving modes: Pure, Default Hybrid and Power. According to Volvo this makes the v60 a “break-through model” as it gives you the power to switch easily between diesel, pure electric or hybrid. Although the car if not officially launched until later this year (they are saying some time between September – November), there are already some decent sounding stats being promised.

Firstly, the V60 will be able to run for up to 620 miles when running in the hybrid diesel/electric motor mode and up to 31 miles in Pure (electric motor) mode. Secondly it can accelerate, from a standing start, 0-60mph in just 5.9 secs in power mode and has a top speed of 142 mph. Finally, the car can also to up to 1.8 tonnes whilst driving in Pure mode.

Other vital stats on the v60 are that it will be a 2.4l, 5-cylinder diesel engine (215hp) with a 6-speed automatic gearbox. It will comply with the Euro 5 emissions standard and have Co2 emissions of 49 g/km (NEDC). The charge up time from depleted to full on a 16A fuse is just 3.5h increasing to 7.5h if using a 6A fuse.

To find out more, Volvo have released the following ‘unboxing’ videos:


(This article was sponsored by Vovlo, but the text above was written by Latest Gadgets.)