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IK Multimedia iRig STOMP: Pedal powered

By Shem Pennant,

IK Multimedia’s iRig STOMP is the first stompbox-style guitar and bass interface for iPhone/iPad. If you are unfamilar with stompboxes they are small pedals used by guitarists and bassists to control their effects without tying up their hands – useful… Read article


Samsung Ativ Smart PC, Ativ Tab & Ativ S phone

By Geoff Bowen,

After a couple of ‘that’s all folks’ teasers, the final presentation from the Samsung Unpacked event was the UK’s Damian Cusick. It was his job to announce the new range of Windows 8 (and RT) friendly products – known as… Read article


mophie duo and mini: Power for the 1%

By Shem Pennant,

I love shiny electronic devices, which is handy for a job reviewing shiny electronic devices. But they can be so demanding ,both on my attention span and on power levels. I’m often in rooms with people fretting over battery levels… Read article


ZTE Grand X: Redefining medium range

By Shem Pennant,

I’ve been meeting with ZTE on and off for the past few years to play with their latest handsets. Normally they trot out a decent, affordable but decidedly low-end handset like the F930 or the ZTE racer. Nice but nothing… Read article


Pong: Hi-tech iPhone and iPad cases

By Shem Pennant,

It’s pretty hard to get passionate about iPhone cases as I’ve seen many in my time, but even I couldn’t turn down a chance to meet with the minds behind what they were calling “the most technologically advanced iPhone and… Read article


HTC One S review: Recipe for a great handset

By Andrew Rafter,

HTC had a difficult time during 2011; too many handsets watered down their brand and subsequently saw the Asian handset maker lose market share to both Apple and Samsung. Well, they’re back with a new focus and three new handsets… Read article