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Microsoft Lumia 535 heralds the end of the Nokia phone era

By Paul Lester,

We can’t say we’ve been blown away by Nokia’s travails in the Smartphone market, largely because of the abundance of very capable competitors, but few could question their impact on the mobile industry in general. For many, a Nokia was… Read article


Samsung’s Galaxy A3 and A5 take aim at the Chinese market

By Paul Lester,

Some smartphones like to offer “credible” USPs such as waterproofing, which genuinely seem like a good idea. Others turn their focus towards things like the “selfie” generation, which like it or not appears to be a burgeoning market. The fact… Read article


Motorola 360 – best looking smartwatch to date?

By Paul Lester,

With Apple confirming that it will be releasing a smartwatch, the battle is well and truly on to see who can produce the most popular timepiece. While functionality isn’t a problem for Android devices, one area in which Apple hopes… Read article


Blackberry Passport: are looks all that matter?

By Gabrielle Pickard,

It’s big. Its corners are concisely squared. It’s got a large touch screen and a prominent touch-enabled keyboard. It certainly doesn’t sound like the wave of bendy, rounded, dainty and miniscule smartphones that have been released onto the market recently…. Read article


Galaxy Note Edge: curves in all the right places?

By Gabrielle Pickard,

“A superb-looking handset that offers something brand-new in the market. Let’s hope Samsung doesn’t make the Note Edge a limited edition,” were the words of Tech Radar. Considering that when a new and wildly anticipated device enters the market it… Read article


Nokia Lumia 735 – the selfie smartphone

By Paul Lester,

Microsoft is getting bedded in with its new Nokia acquisition and one of the more interesting devices to come off the production line recently is the Lumia 735 – a smartphone with a rather unusual USP. It’s a 4G phone… Read article