zBoost 4G DataBlast Signal Booster: Stay connected

4G is set to be 3G’s stronger, older sister. Providing mobile users with a faster, stronger connection, this network will roll out in 16 UK cities by the end of 2012, and expand further next year.


Just like 3G, no doubt it’s something we’ll quickly take for granted, which is why it’s going to be doubly frustrating when we hit a weak signal spot and can’t enjoy the speedy connection we’re used to. A recent study by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project showed that over 75% of mobile users in the US experience slow download speeds that prevent data from loading as quickly as they would like.

That’s where the zBoost 4G DataBlast signal booster comes to the rescue. Resulting in 4G speeds up to 20X faster than devices not using the booster, the device is specially designed to combat poor indoor signal. It helps users maximize the potential of the 4G connection and improves user experience and speed when accessing the web, gaming, downloading music, streaming video and uploading pictures.

Developed by Wi-Ex, a leading provider of cell phone boosters in the US, the device is set to roll out stateside from next month and will retail for around $399. It uses patented technology that protects the carrier network, while providing a solution to slow download speeds. The device comes in the form of a plug-in base and antenna, which is designed to pick up signal from multiple transmitter towers.

“The extreme data requirements that smartphones require make consumers even more aware of the reliability and strength of their cell phone signal. LOW signal means SLOW signal; recent industry statistics reveal that more than 75 percent of cell phone Internet users experience slow download speeds that prevent things from loading as quickly as they would like. With the newest gadgets from Apple, Android and Amazon sure to top holiday wish lists, a poor indoor cell phone signal can result in millions of unhappy holiday customers.”

Sharon Cuppett with Wi-Ex.

The device will initially be available to customers on T-Mobile and Verizon networks, and is the first of its kind within the 4G network.

Wi-Ex is one of the most innovative and successful cell phone signal booster developers in  the industry. Having won multiple awards and accolades, they have garnered more sales and locations than their competitors combined. Originally focusing on business and commercial boosting in corporate settings, the company have branched out to meet consumer needs, and continue to do so with their newest product.