Is it a bowling ball? Is it a party popper? No it’s an iPhone!

iPhone’s look great, right? They look so good in fact that iPhone users simply can’t resist any opportunity to extract their iPhone from their pocket in public and start fortuitously playing with it, pretending to do something important, whilst all they’re really doing is shouting ‘Look at me, I’ve got an iPhone!”

Although despite Apple’s smartphone being the zenith of technological superiority, gadget and accessory manufacturers seem intent in creating auxiliaries that debase the look of what is arguably the greatest tech-creation of the 21st century, thus far.

Take a look at three iPhone gadgets that inadvertently humble the iPhone.



Why would you want to turn your precious, state-of-the-art and epitome of sophistication iPhone into a bright-yellow foam ball? Well perhaps if you’re into iPhone gaming, as this decidedly un-tech looking gadget has the potential to take iPhone gaming to another level.

Created by Physical App, LLC, TheO has a cut out slot where you place your iPhone or iPod touch and then hurl the ball across the floor as part of the game. Thanks to the iPhone’s accelerometer, TheO combines the physical activity and iPhone gaming into one.

Physical Apps currently has three free TheO games, a bowling app, Hot Potato and a social game, Interrogo.

It might not look like the height of tech-sophistication but TheO certainly ranks in the novel stakes and is expected to debut in May!

The Feinger

It might look uncannily similar to a party popper stuck to the back of your iPhone ready to rocket your precious smartphone across the room, but the Feinger might prove to be a darn useful iPhone accessory!

The two-part gadget is basically a finger mount that enables you to keep a tight grip of your phone – great if you are of a predisposition to keep dropping your iPhone. The first part looks like it’s a suction mount which is attached to your phone, and the second part, known as “the sleeve”, attaches to the mount, enabling you to slip your finger in and carry your iPhone about, safe in the knowledge that you won’ drop it!

iPhone Dock Fan

Give your iPhone fins by attaching the iPhone Dock Fan to the end of it! As iPhones can do practically everything, why not let your multi-talented phone cool you down? Simply plug the fan in the iPhone’s dock connector, switch it on and let it cool you down! Just be careful that you don’t get your tongue pulverised when you make a call!