Golla’s Special Year-End Edition of Hard Covers for iPhone 4S

With the cost of purchasing an iPhone being terribly high, an almost boundless number of cases and covers for the iPhone available, amidst a seemingly relentless iffy economy, you would have thought the last thing we needed was the arrival of yet more iPhone cases. Although the thought of design and accessory companies not attempting to cash in on the immediate success of the iPhone 4S, which has already sold more than 4 million handsets worldwide, would surely be a little naïve.


Alongside the launch of Apple’s latest smartphone has been an influx of iPhone 4S accessories, including a ‘special year-end edition’ of Golla hard covers for iPhone 4 and 4S.

Offering six hip, brightly-coloured, uniquely designed covers for the iPhone 4S, the Finnish design brand has certainly excelled in the ‘funky’ stakes. Although I can understand why kids may want to brighten-up their iPhone by sheathing it with a florescent pink and orange case with random letters arbitrarily sprawled across it, I cannot really understand those with more ‘mature’ tastes attempting to ‘glam up’ an already ultra-glamorous iPhone 4S. Although despite my scepticism of iPhone cases, they do, Golla assure me, have a useful function.

Made from a durable, shatter-resistant and lightweight polycarbonate, the Golla hard covers will offer protection for an iPhone 4 or 4S, which I suppose it you’ve forked out £499 on a gleaming new iPhone, making it as well protected as possible has to be desirable. Not only are the covers highly durable but their soft touch finish gives them a good grip and, according to Golla, a ‘classy matte look.’

Golla’s six new designs will be available to purchase worldwide from the beginning of December, just in time for Christmas!

For more information head to Golla