Casemate Kayla clutch review

By Amanda McGahan,

It seems products which multi-task are the way to go. The latest new case is from Casemate which acts as a wallet and phone holder. Why not have two of the important things together and save some space? Why has no one thought of this before?


The Casemate Kayla clutch is functional as well as fashionable. The case is on the side of the wallet and unless is huge, it will fit in. I tried an iPhone 4 and a HTC Desire and they both fit in perfectly with room left over. The clasp secures the phone and feels really sturdy.

So what about the wallet? There are only 3 card slots. If you have a credit, debit and loyalty cards like me, this could be a problem. I would have loved a few more slots. The holders for notes and coins are quite tight and small so do not expect to hold much cash around. What I did like is a little holder in the middle to carry a pen or for the ladies, lipgloss.

It comes in various colours and materials. There is a canvass wallet and leather phone combo or all leather combo. There are several colours to choose from which contrast well and there is a colour for everyone. It is perfect for when you are going to the corner shop and just need your essentials. The wrist strap will ensure you do not lose your items and your hands are free. The wallet is well-made and the leather feels like good quality.

Overall, I like the concept but the wallet should have been a little bigger. It is just too small for me. You can get the olive green and cream version from Amazon for £42.95.

For more info head to Case-Mate.

  • Daniel

    Is this for women or it’s universal ?

  • Amanda

    Hi Daniel, it is a universal case. It comes in lots of colours and finishes. You may like the leather one?

  • Daniel

    Thanks Amanda , I want the brown one with olive green pocket like in the picture above.where do you think I can find that one?thank you

  • Amanda

    Sure, I had a search for you. The link below takes to the Casemate site for the product. Click on where to buy and it will take you to a list of retailers who have Casemate. Amazon and eBay are also good to try. Hope you find it!