iTablet Thumb Keyboard: Ultra-rapid cursor control and creator of convenience

Remaining productive whilst being on the go is an increasingly common demand with the modern technology consumer. In compliance with such demands, AHX Global Solutions, in partnership with AMtek systems, a leading Taiwanese designer of tablets and X2 Computing, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of itinerant computing solutions, and have created the iTablet Thumb Keyboard, bringing a compact Bluetooth keyboard and consequently providing a professional alternative to the ‘fiddly’ virtual keyboards we have been become forcibly accustomed to on mobile devices.


Compatible with a diverse spectrum of mobile devices, including mobile phones, iPhone, iPad and tablet computers, the iTablet Thumb Keyboard crafts and convenient way for users to interrelate with multimedia content and devices.  Although, if we’re honest, nearly every modern gadget claims to generate a greater sense of convenience, so in what ways will this purportedly expedient device make our lives easier?

Firstly, by incorporating the latest IPTV systems, iTablet Thumb Keyboard users can live with the luxury of being able to interact with screen content from the security of their settee. Secondly, data and text becomes much easier to enter as the iTablet Thumb Keyboard provides, as AHX Global put it, “the perfect antidote to the awkward onscreen keyboards,” and thirdly, the Thumb Keyboard is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and its patented rear-facing touchpad provides accurate and ultra-rapid cursor control using either index finger. Inconvenient low light will also be a troublesome aversion of the past with this ultra-convenient device as the keys are backlit to provide much-needed light in dimly-lit conditions.

Gaming systems can also be positively enhanced with the iTablet Thumb Keyboard, as the device can ease the control of systems such as the Nintento Xbox 360 and the Sony PS3.

Being compact in size – measuring at a more than slight 150 x 90mm – the new AHX Global keyboard can ‘conveniently’ fit into a standard tablet carry bag, making it a preferable companion to carrying around the bulkier keyboard accessory, such as the Sidekick 4G with Android on T-Mobile, or the HTC Arrive on Sprint with Windows Phone 7.

So well done AHX Global Solutions, with this information on board, we are now convinced on the ‘convenience-inducing’ properties of your new keyboard. What you forgot to inform us about was the price!