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Microsoft Surface: Review of reviews

By Andy Mossack,

It may have taken more than a few years for the penny to drop, but finally Microsoft has released its own tablet contender to take on the more established iPad and Android heavyweights. Has Surface, running Windows 8 RT, got… Read article


iPad Mini review of reviews: Small is better

By Andy Mossack,

So small is beautiful these days is it? It used to be that 10 inches was considered to be the pocket rocket but frankly that is so last year. 7 inches was the new 10 it seemed for everyone except… Read article


nabi 2: Keep your kids off your iPad

By Naomi Mackay,

Kids’ gadgets often look great, but can offer disappointing results – the kids’ cameras on the market are a prime example – but it looks like the latest tablet designed for the children’s market is taking a leaf out of… Read article


ASUS PadFone 2: Two Become One

By Hannah Braime,

Asus have unveiled the PadFone 2, the follow-up to the successful original PadFone. Combining an Android smartphone and a dockable tablet for ultimate mobile flexibility, this new PadFone model comes with a range of specifications designed to improve performance and… Read article


Form and function: Four of the best new laptop bags

By Shem Pennant,

Remember when laptop bags used to suck? Really drab looking affairs that screamed “I’m carrying a laptop” and were only slightly more stylish than the comically out of date bags that “businessmen” used to carry around Old Threadneedle street. Well… Read article


Amazon Kindle sets world (well UK) on Fire

By Shem Pennant,

After snubbing the UK for some of its recent releases, Amazon finally extended a warm embrace to the British Isles and in fact over compensated with a slew of exciting announcements for anyone trapped on this godforsaken isle. Kindle Fire… Read article