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Laptops & Tablets

We check out the latest and greatest laptops, ultrabooks, netbooks and tablets. From the desktop replacement through to those as light as ‘Air’


Toshiba packs a punch with its latest range of PCs

Toshiba has announced the launch of its latest range of PCs, including Ultrabooks, business laptops and an all-in-one desktop PC. Ever forward-thinking, the company’s newest range includes some record breakers…


Toshiba AT300 Tablet: Gaming, entertainment and style to go

Toshiba has released a new tablet that offers a slimmer, lighter experience, without compromising on power, connectivity or style. Complete with Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, the app store…


Google I/O Round-Up

With Google I/O developers now finished we take a look back at Google’s two big announcements: the world’s first ever Nexus 7 tablet and the latest version of Android’s Jelly…


Cygnett Keypad Review: Typing on the go

When it comes to writing emails and documents on the iPad, the iPad virtual keyboard can be tricky especially if you use the symbols. Sometimes I miss having the symbols…


Sony’s new lightweight Vaio S Series Notebook

Especially designed for the worker on the go, on paper the new Sony Vaio S series notebook is the perfect balance of muscle and portability. The Japanese electrics giant have…


Logitech’s Solar-Powered Keyboard Case

A case and a bluetooth keyboard are two of the must-have accessories for every iPad owner. Logitech have done the sensible things and created a new gadget that combines both…


The Rise of the Budget Tablet: How Reduced-Price Tablets are Impacting the Market

The release of Apple’s first iPad changed the mobile technology market forever. Since then, many competitors have been quick to jump on the tablet bandwagon, and the market has sprung…


What Makes the Perfect Tablet?

As Toshiba unveils its new Excite 13 tablet, its latest offering has stirred discussion among critics about what it is exactly that makes a tablet a tablet. At 13 inches,…


The New iPad (3): Review of reviews

The iPad 3/iPad HD/”iPad” (we’ll stick to the first option to avoid confusion) is out, and so are the reviews. While the aesthetic differences between the first iPad and iPad…


Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 2 attempts to take on the New iPad

Hoping to tap into a marketplace currently dominated by iPad 2 and soon to be dominated by the New iPad, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is the successor to the…


Five top speaker docks for the iPad

Almost simultaneously with the launch of the Apple iPod, masses of speaker docks arrived leaving a confused consumers dizzyingly deliberating over which one to buy. Whilst the spawning of the…


Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga: A novel twist

Yoga is all the rage these days, particularly in London I hasten to add where my recent stay in Clapham was complemented with a gruelling 7am session of Bikram ‘Hot’…


LE reporter Kingfisher 11″ review

Have a sleek and stylish ultrabook, such as the MacBook Air? It’s predicted to be the growth category for portable computing this year – alongside its svelte companion the tablet…


Seagate’s Momentus XT: Giving laptops a longer ultra-fast lifeline

“Turbo-charge your laptop PC with the second-generation of Momentus XT”, Seagate, the global leader in hard disk drives and storage solutions, claims. When you first buy a laptop, notebook or…


ViewSonic’s ViewPad 10e: Value-conscious tablet computing

Recently announced by ViewSonic is a the ViewPad 10e. Powered by Android technology and boosting a range of advanced features to ensure you are at your most productive wherever you…

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