Sony’s tablet offerings: The S1 and S2

Does everyone remember that ground-breaking piece of Sony hardware? Here’s a clue: it was released over a decade ago and played computer games. Since then, Sony’s hardware has never reached those lofty heights. Can they recreate that success with the world’s newest, popular gadget, the tablet? Let’s look at their offerings.


The Tablets

The tablets are due this Autumn, so with many months ahead, anything can happen to the designs. What we know right now is that they’ll run Android 3.0, with WiFi and WAN (3G/4G) compatibility. They will also look to run content through Sony’s premium network services, such as music streaming on demand via Qriocity, or books through the Sony Reader Store and so on.

Sony Tablet S1

Aimed at rich media entertainment, the S1 has a 9.4-inch display. It’s been ergonomically designed to have an off-centre of gravity, making the device more stable and easier to hold.

Sony Tablet S2

Developed for mobile communication and entertainment, the S2 has two 5.5-inch displays that can be folded together for greater portability. The screens can work together as big display, or split into independent functions, such as playing a game on one screen, while showing control buttons on the other – it’s the Nintendo DS of tablets.


Both devices will also work as remote controls for any Sony Bravia device, doing away with the need for multi-purpose remotes. The built-in DLNA functionality will also allow consumers to send content from the device onto compatible televisions or wireless speakers – a real winner, if Sony’s content network proves affordable.

One particular area of interest is gaming. The company may have peaked with the PS2, but they’re definitely one of the top three names when it comes to home consoles or mobile gaming. A release from Sony stated:

“Sony is introducing “Sony Tablet” to deliver an entertainment experience which integrates hardware with network services that deliver rich content.”

As a touch-screen Android system, we could see Xperia PLAY games available on the tablet – although integration with the much more powerful NGP might be a stretch. Maybe it could be used as a larger screen?

Watch this space.