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Galaxy Tab S: What the critics say

By Geoff Bowen,

Samsung Electronics has released their new Galaxy Tab S, Samsung’s thinnest and lightest tablet to date. The Tab S comes in two form factors, 10.5-inch and 8.4-inch….


Microsoft Surface Pro 3: Review round-up

By Paul Lester,

  Microsoft’s Surface series is leading the line for Windows-based tablets, and with the latest iteration show its desire to keep things competitive in an…


Lenovo Tablet 10 HD+ review round-up

By Paul Lester,

Lenovo did something few other companies have done in the tablet market when it released the Yoga Tablet 10 – it dared to try something…


Review round up: Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet

By Paul Lester,

With Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia all but signed and sealed, it’ll be interesting to see what the merger of these two tech giants can bring…


Tesco enter tablet market with launch of “Hudl”

By Andrew Rafter,

Tesco’s continued push to capture some of the burgeoning digital entertainment market has seen the supermarket giant launch its own budget Android tablet called Hudl. Presumably…


Microsoft announce Surface 2 and Surface 2 Pro

By Paul Lester,

Though it can hardly claim to have revolutionised the tablet market, Microsoft’s original Surface was nevertheless an intriguing device. Blurring the line between tablet and…