The BathBuoy – Save Energy in the Bath!

Anyone with young children will know how exasperating it can be to wait for the bath to fill up – and to see how much water you use each time you bath them. This is when they’re at the age when they need bathing every day – for reasons that I won’t go into for fear of putting off anyone considering starting a family…


But the truth is that filling up a bath for a very small person takes a considerable amount of water (especially if you have a water meter and have to watch your usage for financial as well as environmental reason) – and heating that water costs you money. So what if there was a way to still let your little ones enjoy a deep, splashy bath, without wasting vast amounts of heating and water?

Well there is, and it comes in the shape of the BathBuoy – an inflatable device that doubles as space filler and bath toy. The idea is that you inflate the BathBuoy, stick it on the bottom of your bath using the suctions pads, turn on the water and hey presto – a nice deep, splashy bath using far less water and energy than before. The makers say it can save up to 30 litres of water for each bath – which is a lot when you’re bathing your grime-magnets every day.

It is estimated that using the BathBuoy could save up to £40 a year on utility bills if you have a water meter or more than £12 if you’re household is not on a meter.

The BathBuoy comes in three designs – Pirate Island, Penguin Island and Treasure Island, and even my six-year-old, who I thought might consider himself too old for it, enjoyed playing with the Pirate Island BathBuoy we tried out with his own pirates and pirate ship.

The BathBuoy inflates to approx 400mm x 400mm, and stands 257mm high to the top of the volcano, and claim the makers, it fits into all types of bath. Well, it doesn’t. We have an old freestanding bath – and it wouldn’t stay stuck to that, so we tried it at our neighbours’ house, where they have a more modern bath. No joy there either – the suction pads just kept coming away from the bath. Although the two-year-old and six-year-old in that house also enjoyed playing with the product itself.

Finally, I asked another neighbour, who has a very recently renovated bathroom with a modern bath that has a shower area at one end. Success at last! Her five-year-old and one year-old both enjoyed sharing the bath with the BathBuoy, and it helped to create a more secure area for the little one, while the bigger one enjoyed playing pirates and reading the words.

So, the idea is a good one, and if you have a wide-based, modern bath, the BathBuoy may well work for you.

Find out more about the BathBuoy, which costs £9.99 plus P&P (although it might be worth checking with your water company to see if they are offering it at a special price) at