Video: RainPerfect solar-powered garden water pump

Given the downpours of the last few weeks, it seems a long time ago since many of the UK’s water companies felt the need to impose a hosepipe ban. Here at Latest Gadgets we’re optimistically hoping the summer will return soon and when it does, we thought the RainPerfect might come in handy!

Strictly speaking this isn’t a ‘latest gadget’ (it came out last year) but nevertheless we thought it would be useful to do a hands on unboxing and test. In a nutshell, the RainPerfect transforms your garden water butt in to a hosepipe friendly water supply -saving you the monotonous task of filling up your watering can over and over. Furthermore, because it’s solar-powered, you don’t have to worry about the tricky job of running mains powered out to your garden.

One of the reasons we wanted to do a hands-on review of the RainPerfect is because it provides a beautifully simple system. As you can see from our video below, you simply drop the pump inside, mount the power supply on top and then put your solar-panel in a sun-friendly spot. Give it a while to charge up and then connect your existing hosepipe to the RainPerfect outlet for an easy solar-powered (and hosepipe ban free!) way to water your garden.

Overall we found the product easy to set-up and we were pleasantly surprised by the water pressure both on short and long hoses. One area for improvement might be to include a more detailed charge indicator. Rather than the existing traffic-light system, it would be good to have a number of bars (or a percentage indicator) so you can be more confident that the battery is actually charging.

The RainPerfect is available now from a variety of suppliers for around £90-£100.

Check out our video of the RainPerfect here: