Scanomat Top Brewer: The future of coffee?

I’m sure I’m surprising exactly no one by being a writer who’s into coffee so my delight at seeing the Scanomat Top Brewer was a predictable as the slew of “lose weight in the new year” articles I’m going to write when this is done.


But in all fairness, the Scanomat Top Brewer is an amazingly stylish approach to brewing beans. You’ve already seen what happens when Apple-esque design infiltrates the world of thermostats. And it’s equally impressive when it hits the world of coffee. There’s even an app.

The Scanomat Top Brewer is a professional grade coffee machine for high-end cafés (I spoke to the MD to broke the sad news that I probably wouldn’t be able to fit one in my tiny flat). The Scanomat has top notch grinders installed so it can fire out 4 cups of filter coffee in a minute. This coupled with the world’s tiniest milk frother, automatic cleaning and precision engineering means that the Scanomat can crank out the perfect espresso every time (and an impressive range of other coffee-based drinks too). There’s even a option for cold water, juice and hot chocolate drinks. Like I said it’s a shame I lack the space and funds to fit one in my kitchen.

The aforementioned app connects to the unit and enables you to select the brew of your choice – and you can save your particular preferences to a favourites part of the app. The app also allows you to monitor the temperature and progress of your drink – and if you run out of coffee you can order more right there from the app (there’s also a finger touch keyboard if you don’t have a smartphone handy).

The Scanomat also has pretty decent green credential and runs on a unique Zero Watt system that stops if from drawing power when on standby.

Hopefully coming to a coffee shop near you.