CarPET pet hair remover

Imagine this…You’re about to go for that all important job interview and you’re feeling and looking confident in your new black ‘power’ suit when you get up from the sofa after finishing your last minute preparations and one last coffee, and doh, your covered from head to toe in white dog hairs. With spring in full flow, pets everywhere are shedding their winter coats, meaning hellish situations like the one above are, for many, a more than likely scenario. Although such stomach-lurching situations can thankfully be avoided thanks to The CarPET, which boldly advertises itself as being the ‘most effective pet hair remover ever designed.’


Simply wipe this small and bright orange gadget across any surface leaching with pet hairs, including rugs, carpets, clothes, furniture, car upholstery and even horse rugs and pet coats, and the CarPET will lift, gather and remove hair with minimum exertion required.

Being small and compact in size, the CarPET can be conveniently stored in a car glove box, a kitchen drawer, your sock drawer or even your handbag. Without the need of electricity or batteries, this nifty little gadget can be used literally anywhere with an effectively infinite lifeline.

According to the “best ever pet hair remover’s” website (which we believe is probably a limited category), Great Britain is spending £250 million annually in electricity bills dealing with excessive pet hair. Reiterating this shocking fact the CarPET press release goes on to liken this staggeringly large amount of money with the same amount of electricity needed to power every home in a city the size of Cambridge!

What’s more, costing just £5.95 plus P&P, we can afford to give the CarPET a run for its money.

OK, so we get the point that the CarPET is an environmentally-friendly, economically-friendly and super convenient method to free your home and car of unsightly pet hair!

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