Brew your own for caffeine fiends

I have to admit to being a bit of a skinflint, so while I was quite excited by the latest press release about three new coffee-makers (I know I need to get out more) I wasn’t quite so enamoured by the prices – the cheapest one mentioned was what I consider a whopping £699.


So I thought I’d do a bit of maths (which is a major sacrifice for me as sums are not really my thing). Let’s say your average cup of nice coffee you’re your local Costa Bucks coffee shop costs you £2 a time (I know prices will vary depending where you live but let’s take that as an average). So, you buy one every morning on your way to work, (so around 200 days a year, excluding weekends and holidays). That adds up to about £400 a year – so 12 months after your purchase, you’ve pretty much saved about two-thirds of the price of your super-dooper coffee maker, which will last you a long time, and also provide warming cups of loveliness at other times of the day.

Okay, so I’ve almost convinced myself now, so let’s head on to the facts about these kitchen gadgets. They’re all integrated – which means they fit neatly into a fitted kitchen, just the way that integrated washing machines, fridges and so on.

Let’s start with the low priced one and we’ll work our way upwards. The Zanussi ZCOF637X can churn out an endless supply of quality espresso, cappuccino or the style of coffee you prefer. It features a hot water dispenser for long coffee drinks or tea making and a steam spout for frothy milk drinks. For truly fresh beans, it has a grinder or you can choose to use pre-ground coffee or individual coffee ‘pods’.


The Electrolux EBA60010X costs around £750 has a 2-litre water tank with BRITA filter and a steam/water spout for Americano, latte, cappuccino and hot chocolate. If you have to do your own dirty work, the telescopic shelf runners have been designed to make cleaning and filling a breeze.


Finally, if you REALLY like your cup of hot stuff of a morning and have £1299 burning a hole in your pocket, take a look at the AEG PE4511-M, which can create authentic Italian coffee at the touch of a button. Its sleek looks are highlighted with digital control options and an LCD display. A multi jug option allows for up to 6 cups of coffee to be made in one go, if you have lots of friends, or indeed, need a whole lot of caffeine first thing in the morning.