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Hottest Video Games to buy this Christmas

By Mark Pilkington,

Ask any casual gamer which title they would like most to have this Christmas, and you can bet any money you want that Call of…


Buffalo MiniStation: Portable hard-as-nails drive

By Dominic Smith,

Buffalo Technology has announced the launch of the MiniStation Extreme – a US Military Standard, compact and sophisticated high performance portable hard drive. That’s going…


HP TouchSmart 520: Family friendly All-In-One

By David Hillier,

HP officially released news of the TouchSmart 520, its updated redesign of the previous TouchSmart all-in-one devices, and a stylish attempt at providing a family-friendly…


New Logitech headset and boombox

By David Hillier,

Logitech have just announced two brand new products to their range, and they will be manna in heaven for the discerning tablet and smartphone user…