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Best Halloween Apps & Gadgets

By Naomi Mackay,

It’s handy that someone invented Hallowe’en to fill that awkward gap between the end of the school holidays and Christmas – and if you want to get a few chills and thrills before the festive season here’s a few ideas… Read article


The Changing Face of Software

By Hannah Braime,

The days of floppy disks and CD-ROMS are well an truly over. Not only can we download most of our software online now, but the growth of the open-source market means we can usually find free alternatives to popular tools…. Read article


Park life: Dell announce XPS One 27, XPS Duo 12 and XPS 10

By Geoff Bowen,

Not long after breakfast this morning, we headed to Dell’s ‘TechnologyPark’ in IFA to discover what announcements they had in store. Having found all the deck chairs occupied and not much space available on the ‘grass’ – we propped ourselves… Read article


Logitech G600: A gaming mouse for the MMO generation

By Mark Pilkington,

Is your old bog-standard mouse getting a bit rusty when you play WoW or LotRO? In that case, maybe it’s time to invest in the new Logitech G600, a mouse especially designed for MMO players. The customisable mouse features a… Read article


New Buffalo wireless networking range

By Dominic Smith,

Buffalo Technology, the dons in manufacturing of wired and wireless networking and network, have recently announced that the AirStation 1750 Wireless 802.11n+11ac Gigabit Dual Band Router WZR-D1800H-EU and AirStation 1300 Wireless 802.11n+11ac Gigabit Dual Band Media Bridge WLI-H4-D1300-EU wireless media… Read article