Gear up for war! Logitech announce new Call of Duty-inspired keyboards and mice

With the world and his uncle gibbering in excitement by the prospect of playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, what better way to prepare yourself by investing in a COD-styled keyboard and mouse set? The Logitech G105 gaming keyboard and G9X mouse have been especially designed to improve  your gameplay and allows you to pull off tricky maneuvers that would be nigh on impossible using a conventional PC set up.


The keyboard is perhaps the most visually stunning example we have seen, complete with its night-vision LED backlit keys to look the part. Seeing as most gamers prefer to play with the lights off, this can prove to be a real boon when burning the midnight oil.

Featuring six fully programmable G-keys, the G105 can keep up to 18 macro combinations to assist you whilst you play. With one press of the button, once programmed, you can perform complex maneuvers which normally require a combination of different keystrokes.

Advanced anti-ghosting technology allows you to press up to five different keys at once, thus allowing you to aim, shoot, run, jump and make a cup of tea all at the same time. What more could you want?

The mouse too, has been designed with the serious gamer in mind, with an ultras precision speed of up to 165 inches per second. Need to move your gun around in a hurry and fire with pin-point precision? Then this is the mouse for you. You can even adjust the pixel targeting from 200dpu up to an incredibly rapid 5700dpi, making this an impressive bit of kit, and the mouse of choice for the hardcore gamer.

Whilst we have not been given a release date, rest assured as soon as we do we will test them to death and give you the full lowdown on both.

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