Tweetbox? Twitter, Facebook, Zune & on Xbox

Just completed that awfully tedious and awkward mission in Grand Theft Auto? Well, you can now tweet about it straight from your Xbox 360, let your Facebook friends know and listen to some celebratory tunes on!

It’s the next step in Microsoft’s quest to twist the Xbox 360 into a social media hub, bringing the interactivity of your computer right into your living room.

Xbox 360 Update

But these three services are only available for Xbox Live Gold members, which costs around of £39.99 a year, and are after downloading an update.

Will it work? Twitter is notoriously fidgety, even for the most dextrous of the mind, with its 140 character limit a burden who all those wishing to indulge in resplendent interior monologues.

And it might even irk those of physical flexibility too, with the Xbox’s lack of our old favourite QWERTY meaning that producing that perfect 140 character tweet will never have been quite so difficult.

Or how about traipsing through all your friends’ intimate details, photos and loved-up wall posts on Facebook? Not exactly the most glorious of past-times when you’re sporting hands bathed in sweat after that marathon Pro Evolution Soccer session.

Coming after the announcement in which Sky set about dishing out its services into the Xbox’s of the nation, this marks a truly significant step in the potential abolition of the classic games console, but the practicality of this intriguing but couch-potato encouraging initiative will have to be under question.

And, in a time when Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 can rack up hefty amounts of hype and take over the world for one day, perhaps the archetypal and romantic notion of the enduring qualities of gaming reigning supreme over tweeting from your Xbox about your breakfast is still true today. Try typing that in 140 characters.