Review: Gyration Air Mouse Elite from Movea

The Gyration Air Mouse Elite has recently hit the market, and is intended to be a step up from last years Air Mouse.

Seemingly most useful for those in the boardroom giving presentations or teachers in the classroom it is, essentially, a computer mouse that you can walk around with. Greg Smith, Vice President at Movea Inc has this to say about the companies newest gadget:

‘Whether in the boardroom, classroom or living room, presenters and digital media enthusiasts everywhere have used Gyration’s in air mice to bring presentations to life and to control their environment whilst enjoying freedom of movement’

Working up to 100 metres away from a computer (that’s a big boardroom), and even picking up the signal through walls the Air Mouse enables the user to direct a laser pointer at the screen, then magically morph it into a highlighter or pen as per their needs. With little more than an upward swipe whilst holding the ergonomically placed button on the bottom of the mouse, the user can then click on tabs, embedded media, or flick between pages, programs and presentations.

Although the uses for it in the workplace are obvious, Movea also insist it is a relevant product for the home as well; being most useful for those that have their computers synched up with their televisions, and it is compatible with Windows and Macs. This does make sense, and presumably will make game playing and web-surfing from your couch a straightforward and user-friendly experience, especially if you buy it with the matching keyboard. Its laser sensor will also link it up with a normal computer, so those using it at work would be able to take it home.

At only 3.3 ounces its pretty clear you’re not going to be weighed down by the Air Mouse Elite, and this is vital for its potential popularity. Users will need to feel entirely comfortable with it and, for boardrooms and classrooms where I think it will be most relevant, those giving presentations and classes will have to be able to rely on it being easy to use and navigate around the screen. Repeated clicking or an unresponsive signal will see it quickly downed in favour of traditional methods. Considering that it does it’s not outrageously expensive (£89.99, or £129.99 with the keyboard) and, providing its usability is sound, there’s no reason companies, schools and Universities will not find good use for them.