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Xbox One vs PS4: battle of the next-gen consoles

By David Nield,

Whether it’s Apple vs Microsoft, iOS vs Android or Facebook vs Twitter, the tech world loves a good head-to-head. In recent weeks we’ve seen one of the greatest heavyweight battles yet as both Microsoft and Sony launched their much-anticipated next-generation… Read article


dLAN 500 AV Wireless+ Starter Kit Review

By Geoff Bowen,

As Peter Kay might say, “WiFi, it’s the future – I’ve tasted it”. You realise this is true when your relatives visit and, within minutes of crossing the threshold, proceed to pull out their gadgets and demand to know your… Read article


Grand St: Indie Gadgets for People by People

By Shem Pennant,

As we covered when we looked at Makers, there is a small revolution happening in the Internet of Things. Slowly but surely people, not giant corporations are making interesting and useful tech and getting in into the hands of other… Read article


Top 5 Security Gadgets

By Ian Barker,

Whether you’re going on holiday, sending your son or daughter away to university for the first time or simply concerned about your possessions being stolen, you most probably have some sort of security worry nagging away at the back of… Read article


5 Desktop PCs for under £500

By Neil Cumins,

In this smartphone and tablet-powered era, the traditional desktop PC is looking rather antiquated. Moore’s Law continues to facilitate the development of smaller and smaller devices, and even laptops – historically the most functional of business tools – are becoming… Read article


Top WiFi Routers for Your Home

By Andrew Rafter,

Today’s households have more internet-connected devices than ever before – so as you can imagine having a robust home Wi-Fi network to connect your burgeoning family of devices has never been more important. Choosing the right router for your home… Read article