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Archive for April, 2013


A KALQ-ulated Gamble: the KALQ Keyboard

Despite its intentionally obtuse layout, the QWERTY keyboard has been a part of our lives since it debuted on a typewriter in the 1880s. However, the increasingly thumb-driven nature of…

Audiophile Players

Top 5 Music Players for Audiophiles

Anyone with a smartphone has a portable music player in their pocket, but while that might be okay for the average punter, anyone with a desire to listen to digital…

Carrot Car Insurance: Driving Costs Down for Kids

First timer drivers face a Herculean task when it comes to getting insured on their first car. At the moment the Bank of Mum and Dad is the easiest way…

TomTom GPS Sports Watches: Exercise and Technology – the Perfect Fit?

I’m more active that you might expect for someone who edits a gadget website and spends all day and I love any chance I get to combine exercise and technology….

Canon’s Latest Camcorders: Standing Out to be Outstanding

With even the cheapest compact cameras, digital SLRs and more recently wearable devices like the GoPro possessing high quality video recording potential, you may think the market for camcorders has…


Rdio launches Vdio for TV and movies on demand

Music streaming service Rdio has launched a new Vdio site for streaming TV shows and movies on demand. Unlike Rdio, Vdio adopt a pay-per-item approach rather than a monthly subscription…


Acer All-In-One: Style Over Substance on Windows 8

All-in-one desktop computers have been around for a good few years, with Apple cornering the high-end look-at-me market a couple of years ago with the stunning iMac. Now it’s time…


TRENDnet AC1750 Dual-Band Wireless Router

If you have broadband you probably didn’t buy your own router. It’s a rare ISP these days that doesn’t chuck in a router for free when you sign up to…


Connected Car: Glympse Partners with BMW and Mini for Location Sharing

BMW hasn’t pushed it smartphone app integration as much as its competitors like Ford or GM, but at last week’s New York motor show the German car manufacturer announced new…


Civil Rights Defenders: Social Power for International Pressure

The addition of social media functionality to various existing products is de rigeur nowadays, but that doesn’t mean that all uses of social media are simply hopping on the bandwagon….


SuperTooth HD Voice: Hands on the Wheel

On December 3, 2003, the UK government made it a criminal offence for motorists to drive a car whilst talking on a mobile phone. Since then no company has really…


Top Five Wireless Phone Chargers

Dusan Belik of Serbia writes about his passion for all things techno as if they were alive and natural. He thinks that by using a smart phone to organise your…


Bayan Audio’s SteamPort Universal: Another Step Towards a Wireless World

For the past ten years or so we have been able to carry around our entire record collection thanks to the digital music revolution. Whether it is an MP3 player,…


Top 5 Heating Apps

March 2013 saw unprecedented freezing weather descend upon the British Isles. Few were spared and many, including me, had their heating system conk out as 50mph winds ripped down fencing…

A2B Launch 6 New eBikes: “A Journey Redefined”

I’m an avid cyclist. It’s my favourite way to traverse the capital and I can often been seen zipping in and out between cars, on a fixie, with a courier…

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